Andrei Aleksandrovich specializes in orthodontic treatment of children and adults with the help of removable and non-removable devices.

Education: NMU them. A. A. Bogomolets (2003)

Participation in associations: Ukrainian Association of Orthodontists


Dolphin system diagnostics, orthodontic treatment planning: analysis of control and diagnostic models, teleentinography, photodiagnostics, computed tomography;
Bite correction in children: the use of removable devices, plates, activators;
Bite correction braces: the use of metal, ceramic, sapphire and lingual (Incognito), individual braces systems;
Orthodontic treatment without braces: transparent aligners Invisalign (Invisalign), Insignia.


Orthodontic center “Alenta”: “Damon System – a system of weak forces and low friction” – 2006 Ukraine, Kiev;
“Dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints – modern view – 2006, Ukraine, Kiev;
Certification course on the Invisalign system (02/02/2012 Andrea Basucci);
Certification course on the system of line braces (09/15/2013 Sergey Popov);
Certification course Damon system Peter van Heerden on November 19-20, 2005;
Certification course Insignia bracket system 05-06 2016.