Dental therapist
Practice areas

  • examination of root canals under a microscope
  • teeth aesthetic restorations
  • treatment of caries and non-carious lesions of teeth
  • professional oral hygiene
  • teeth whitening

Education: NMU named after O. Bogomolets
Educational courses:
“Implementation of international protocols into dental practice” National University
of Health Protection of Ukraine named after P. Shupika, 2019
“Practical training in endodontics”, Oleg Kulygin, 2020
Symposium of the Ukrainian Endodontic Hospital “Clinical Endodontics”, 2020
“Theoretical and practical aspects of ideal isolation in dentistry”, Mikhailo Glinskyy,
“Applied Aspects of Re-treatment”, Oleg Kuligin, 2020
“Direct Posterior”, Volodymyr Malchenko, 2021
“Teeth whitening from the scientific point of view”, Mikhailo Glinsky, 2021
“Fundamentals of mechanical scaling”, School of Practical Periodontology, 2021
Symposium of the Ukrainian Endodontic Hospital “Clinical Endodontics”, 2021
“Primary Endodontic Treatment” Dentsply Sirona, 2020
“Repeated endodontics under a microscope” Dental Education Clinic, 2020
“Direct restoration. Initial design playback», Vitaliy Bohachuk, 2020
“Innovative technologies in the processing of root canals. FKG file systems”, Dental
expert, certification course by Christina Sidorak, 2020
The area of ​interest: aesthetic restoration, caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, optimization
of home hygiene of oral emptying.