Babies aged 6-8 months have their first teeth, and then more and more another milk teeth appear gradually. A temporary bite is formed by three years. 6-7 year old children can boast of some permanent teeth. These are usually the upper and lower incisors, as well as the 6th molars. Children’s teeth are very vulnerable: milk ones have very thin enamel and dentin, while permanent require some time for the maturing of the enamel and the development of the root. That is why it is so important to conduct preventive examinations regularly and solve problems is there are some.

The Clinic for Dental Surgery of Professor Vesova provides kids’ dental treatment which is conducted by experienced dentists. Psychological comfort during a visit to the doctor is extremely important for every child. In the relaxed and friendly atmosphere young patients feel confident, trust a specialist and do not feel fear. The latest technologies and materials that are used in the clinic allow to make all the manipulations painlessly, quickly and as effectively as possible.

Study visit

Every child must be learnt to monitor the health of teeth and follow the hygiene from a very early age. Dentistry should not be a place where unpleasant procedures and phobias are awaiting the visitors. That is why the clinic provides for the possibility of a study visit.

Tooth filling

Because of the immaturity of the enamel and the structure of children’s teeth, cavities develop rapidly and quickly lead to pulpitis. The clinic uses special materials with good adhesion for filling milk teeth. The treatment is performed after the procedure of local anesthesia or during the medication sleep.

Prevention of caries

Regular preventive examinations of children will save not only temporary, but also the permanent teeth row. Diseases of milk teeth inevitably affect the health of the permanent ones. Sealing of fissures, fluoridation, professional cleaning, ozonation and other measures help avoid serious problems in the future.

Extraction of milk teeth

Baby teeth should be removed if the inflammatory process has begun, a gum-boil has formed, a tooth has become loose or is a barrier to the growth of a permanent one. Removal is performed under high-quality and safe anesthesia, and before the procedure, the child is adapted in the clinic. Kids should calm down and feel safe.

Fissure sealing

Fissures are physiological furrows on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Dental sediments and plaque are the reasons of a rapid growth of bacteria and the appearance of fissure caries. To avoid it at the age of 6-7 years the fissures are sealed with a special compound. Doctors also recommend sealing fissures of milk teeth to save them healthy as long as it is required by the physiology.

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