In addition to braces to align the teeth row special lining called mouth guards are used. It is a device made of transparent polymer material in the form of a cover for the teeth. Elastic and invisible caps do not cause discomfort and correct teenagers’ occlusion.


  • Aligners are devices for correction, i.e. with their help it is possible to level the teeth position (crowding, gaps, rotation along the axis) due to constant pressure, and also to fix the result of using braces. Aligner should be worn within 24 hours, excluding meal times. The general term of wearing such caps is from 2 months to 2 years. Alignment occurs gradually, and therefore every two weeks you need to change the apparatus depending on the current position of the teeth.
  • Trainers are mouth guards to normalize the tone of the facial muscles. It is muscle tension that is often the main reason of bite defects. In addition, the trainer allows you to correct a deep bite, get rid of bad habits, in particular, thumb sucking, and eliminate speech disorders. Unlike the aligner, the trainer is designed to be used for 2-3 hours during the day and all night. The maximum time to wear this type of construction to correct the bite is 12 months.


The plate is another kind of corrective design for teeth. There are plates made of plastic and metal wire. The item is fixed with the help of hooks and staples. Pressure – by analogy with braces and caps – helps to correct defects such as the displacement of teeth and the width of the sky. In addition, the plates help to normalize the growth of the jaw and even change the shape of the jaw bones. The device is useful when there is a need to restore normal speech, if the diction disorders were caused by improper tooth arrangement or the shape of the jaw.

There are various types of plates, and their choice depends on the current task:

  • A single maxillary plate is needed to align a single tooth or row.
  • A spring pusher plate corrects the top row of teeth.
  • A device with a retraction arc relieves from protrusion and inclination of the teeth

In addition to the listed models, the orthodontist selects the device for more complex cases. For example, the Frankel apparatus. It consists of a complex system of arcs, cheek and labial elements.

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