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Our clinic invites young patients and ensures that everything goes with the utmost calm, both for parents and for the child.

Visiting a pediatric dentist may not be an easy task. It is very important that the child has time to adapt in the new environment, trust the doctor, he was not afraid, and then the treatment will be easy, fast, and most importantly, without fear.


To make the extraction of milk teeth comfortable, we took care of creating 100% comfortable and sterile conditions in our clinic. For anesthesia we use the most modern, effective and safe drugs.

We recommend coming to the clinic 15-20 minutes before the appointment. Being in the hall a child can play, relax, and create a good mood. And during the procedure, we will definitely include cartoons that will distract the little patient from medical manipulations.

Parents may be present during the treatment process and it gives the child an even greater sense of security.

Important! Confidence and calm are the most important factors in visiting a dentist. A calm mom is a calm baby first of all. Your trust and peace is very important to us, and we will be sure that your attitude and emotions are conveyed to your child and everything will go easy for him or her.


We know how important it is for every mother to see her child having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. There are a number of cases in which milk teeth are not worth being preserved. We have described the most common ones when removal is clinically reasonable:

  • Caries is in neglected condition, when the tooth has serious damage and cannot be restored.
  • Formation of a cyst at the base of the child’s milk tooth. In this case, the tooth should be removed.
  • A milk tooth has been loose for a long time, but it is not in a hurry to fall out. This gives the baby an unpleasant feeling and can cause gum disease.
  • The milk tooth is firmly held and does not fall out, not allowing a permanent one to grow.
  • A milk tooth takes the place on which a permanent tooth should grow, and it has to grow simultaneously, which is very ugly and harmful to bite.
  • Tooth injuries, such as serious chipping, large crack, root damage.
  • Indications of an orthodontist. It happens that for the formation of the correct bite and beautiful dentition, it is necessary to remove one or more milk teeth.
  • An extra tooth. In medicine this is not common, but it happens.


If a child has a loose tooth or you found a problem in it, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Self-extraction of teeth can cause both physical and psychological trauma to the child, causing pain. In the worst case, you can break a tooth, leaving the root, which would entail quite unpleasant consequences.

Untimely removal is also harmful, because it can adversely affect the formation of the correct dentition. Do not self-medicate, it is better to make an appointment with a competent specialist.

Do not postpone the visit to the children’s dentist and the removal of problematic milk teeth for later. We are sure that your Tooth Fairy will be pleased and generously reward the kid for courage!

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