The nervous system of the skull has a very complex structure and consists of 12 pairs of nerves. Failure in this system leads to impaired facial expression, salivation is reduced or vice versa, eyes are dry, chewing food becomes impossible, sight and hearing worsen, not to mention the severe pains that the patient is experiencing. Neurologists often deal with neuropathy of the trigeminal and facial nerve, and every year this disease affects more and more people, and this pathology can be closely associated with dental diseases.


Trigeminal neuropathy

The trigeminal nerve is divided into three branches. Each of them is responsible for a specific area of ​​the face. The upper one is the orbital nerve, the middle branch is the maxillary nerve, and the lower one is the mandibular nerve, respectively. The function of the trigeminal nerve is complex, since it is responsible for a number of processes, for example, for the sensitivity of facial tissues, salivation, masticatory muscles, and much more. The slightest failure in work leads to serious consequences, including disability.

The neuropathy of the trigeminal nerve has a lot of signs: the face get numb, the mouth cannot be opened, the eyes do not close, but the patient suffers the most pain. If neuralgia pain manifests itself in varying degrees and neuritis just is a numbness of the face. Often these two signs are combined, and then the doctor makes a diagnosis of neuralgia. Dental problems – sick or poorly cured teeth, jaw cysts, injuries, tumors and other maxillofacial ailments – can cause trigeminal neuropathy.

Features of diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis and treatment of the trigeminal neuropathy is performed by a neurologist. Additionally, a dentist, ENT specialist and therapist are involved. The first two specialists exclude or confirm the diseases of the dental profile, as well as the ear, nose and throat with the help of a visual examination, CT, X-ray examination. The task of the therapist is to determine the general state of health. The degree of neuropathy is stated using the electroneuromyography method. Neuropathy treatment should be urgent.

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