Dear Patients,

We are pleased to notify you about possibility to achieve a high quality level services for reasonable prices. Prof. Vesova Dental Surgery Clinic provides all kind of dental diagnostics and treatment at one place.

For your comfort and convenience, we may help you to have free initial Skype consultation with the best specialists, help you to arrange your visits to our clinic, arrange your meeting at the airport or to find appropriate accommodation during your stay in Kyiv. You do not need to spend time searching for agencies, we provide the complete range of support for your comfort.


  • Send us a request to, attach your X-ray images (if available) or describe your problem
  • You may just book a date of consultation sending request to
  • If you wish to contact exact specialist – please define which one (title or name)
  • If you want to have a free Skype consultation – please send us your Skype account and appropriate time for conversation with specialist
  • After receiving your request our medical coordinators will contact you to propose possible treatments, terms and prices.


We are proud of having the best expert surgery team in Ukraine. Our specialists have conducted successfully more than 30 000 operations of different complicity. MD, Prof. Vesova is a clinic leading head doctor and medical director, involved the best Ukrainian surgery specialist to present clinic practice.


Esthetic part of any kind of dental treatment is very important for achieving the effect of perfect healthy smile. We trust the finish of treatment only to the proven specialist in prosthetics. You can be sure – the teeth treatment, reconstruction or implantation will be completed with beautiful and naturally look.


We offer the most effective out-of-date treatment methods in area of periodontitis prevention and treatment. MD, PhD Anna Kryvosheeva is a leading specialist, defended her PhD project in area of maxillofacial surgery and periodontitis treatment. Turning to our clinic today – you will have a chance to prolong the health and life term of your natural teeth for many years.


Accurate, precise tooth channels processing – is a fundamental principle and a key to successful salvation of damaged tooth, prevention of caries propagation. Our clinic is equipped with advanced Carl Zeiss microscope devices, allowing highly effective canals treatment. The best endodontics specialists will help you to prolong the life of your natural teeth for many years.

During last decade Ukraine attracts more and more medical tourists from Europe, USA and China to get the highest quality medical services, including dental implants, surgery and aesthetical procedures.
Visitors enjoy the stay in beautiful Kyiv city center, where our medical center is located.

You are always welcome, we will serve You with nice coffee and You will enjoy our lounge and stylish atmosphere while waiting for your appointment.