Malocclusion is a very common problem, but modern devices, made in the form of orthodontic two-jaw systems or, as they are called, myofunctional devices or position trainers, are able to solve it in optimal time. Devices are made of elastic material, resistant to the deformation. These designs allow to adjust the size of the dentition, the height and inclination of the teeth, muscle dysfunctions, train the tongue and circular muscle of the mouth, get rid of bad habits of finger sucking, etc. The item guarantees a good result in a shorter period compared with plates and braces, while the child will not feel any physical or psychological discomfort.

Varieties of myofunctional apparatus

There are several types of trainers. Pre-orthodontic appliances are prescribed for children from 6 to 11 years old and are needed to align growing teeth. The retention apparatus is installed immediately after the removal of the bracket system and is necessary in order to ensure prevention of relapse, which consists in returning the teeth to their former position. Also trainers are used in orthodontic practice to correct speech disorders.

Characteristics of myofunctional devices on the example of MBS

If we take as an example such a common model of myofunctional apparatuses as the Myobrace Starter (MBS) system, their structure is presented in two versions – less and more elastic, i.e. blue and red respectively. The product is equipped with a tongue position limiter, thanks to which the child learns to breathe through the nose, correctly place the tongue in the mouth, as well as the lip bumper. There are no special cells for teeth in this model; therefore, it will not be necessary to select a product by size, while the other model range suggests 7 dimensional options. Silicone does not cause irritation of the mucous, so the device is comfortable to wear.

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