Caries is a disease, as a result of which, if action was not taken in time, the tooth is completely destroyed with all the consequences. The procedure of filling is the only way to stop the pathological process, to restore the anatomical shape and functionality of the dentition. Every person faces the procedure of dental feeling sooner or later. Do not be afraid of a visit to the dentist: modern materials and methods of anesthesia guarantee that the result of treatment is maintained for many years and during the manipulation there will be no pain and discomfort.

In the Clinic of Dental Surgery of Professor Vesova feeling is performed by the doctors with high qualifications and many years of experience. An individual approach is applied to each visitor of the medical establishment in accordance with the peculiarities of the disease and the state of the teeth.

Functions of the filling material

The seal is a substitute for the natural tissue of the tooth, so manufacturers of filling material focus on the strength characteristics of products. The primary task of the seal is to withstand the mechanical and temperature effect. With regard to the therapeutic features of the material, we are talking about stopping the pathological processes and preventing the penetration of carious destruction with the pulpitis as a result.

For filling teeth in the Clinic of Dental Surgery of Professor Vesova, a new generation of filling material is used, which is characterized by high quality and reliability. In particular, light-cured fillings made of polymer and organically modified ceramics are used.

Filling procedure


Correct diagnosis is a guarantee of a positive result of filling. For this purpose, a target or panoramic shot is taken before the procedure. After studying the result, the doctor determines the tactics of treatment and proceeds to work.


Each person has a certain degree of sensitivity, so the introduction of anesthetic is not considered to be something unusual, because even with the cleansing of the carious cavity, the patient may feel uncomfortable.

Removal of caries and filling

With the help of a dental drill, the dentist removes the affected areas of enamel and dentin, then etches the cavity walls with a special acid-based compound. The cavity is filled with filling material and is cured with ultraviolet light.

Important! Old fillings are subject to timely replacement with a better and more modern material. Caries should be treated at the initial stage in order to avoid the development of pathology.

Recommendations before and after sealing

From the patient no complex preparatory measures are demanded.

The only thing before the visit to the clinic should eat something light, because anesthesia is not performed on an empty stomach. After eating, you must brush your teeth. With regard to the recommendations at the end of the procedure, the dentists give the following tips:

  • Refrain from eating for an hour, otherwise there is a risk of injury to the lips or tongue due to the continuing anesthesia;
  • Exclude from the diet coloring foods and beverages (tea, coffee, beets, juices, etc.);
  • If discomfort persists, the cheek continues to be exposed to traumatic effects from the teeth, the filling seems high or cuts mucous and tongue with a sharp edge, it is important to visit the doctor again to eliminate these problems.

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