We perform a maxillary sinusotomy with a minimally invasive, sparing method.

The operation is carried out:

  • under medication sleep;
  • for the rehabilitation of the maxillary sinus;
  • with minimal damage to the integrity of its front wall;
  • endoscopically, to minimize mucosal interference.


Highly qualified and experienced maxillofacial surgeons at the clinic of Professor Vesova will perform correct diagnostics with the help of a computerized tomography (CT), assess the condition in a qualified manner and develop a treatment plan, including surgical intervention.


Due to the minimal invisibility of this technique, the percentage of soft tissue swelling is reduced compared to classical radical maxillary sinusotomy, and the postoperative recovery period is significantly (over 50%) reduced. Specialists will also prescribe the right antibiotic therapy, depending on the complexity of the case, in order to effectively achieve a treatment result in the postoperative period.


  • Heimorrhages: inflammatory processes in the maxillary sinus, which may be caused by:

–  bacterial infections, root diseases of the four posterior upper teeth adjacent to the wall of the maxillary sinus (apical granuloma)

–  sinus radicular cysts

–  poorly performed surgical interventions on the teeth and the alveolar process of the upper jaw, which was accompanied by perforation and infection of the sinus

  • Sinusitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane and soft tissues of the submucosal layer of the walls of the sinus.
  • Upper jaw sinusitis, which is caused by:

–  foreign bodies, including filling material after treatment of the upper jaw teeth channels

–  abnormal sinus lifting

–  abnormally dislocated dental implant

  • Cyst formation in the maxillary sinuses


A maxillofacial sinusotomy should only be performed by highly qualified maxillofacial surgeons, as the consequences of such unsuccessful interventions can lead to severe consequences such as large blood loss, intraocular complications, perforation of the hard palate or the nasal septum (in a course of radical maxillofacial surgery).


Trust the real professionals of the clinic of Professor Vesova!


Service name Cost
Target X-Ray snapshot, digital 200 hrn
Computer tomography (upper or lower jaw) 650 hrn
Computer tomography (upper and lower jaw) 850 hrn
Computer tomography ( 1 segment) 400 hrn
Medicinal sleep (sedation, 1 hour) 3 800 hrn
Service name Cost
Medicinal sleep (sedation, 1 hour) 3 800 hrn
Service name Cost
Consultation of a dentist (primary clinical examination without drawing up a treatment plan) 350,00
Consultation with a dentist with a treatment plan of 800,00
Control preventive inspection 270,00
Professional hygiene of all categories from 520,00
Photopolymer material seal from 800,00
Correction of fillings 500,00
Mechanical processing of 1 channel from 560,00
Temporary filling (JRC, Cavit) 300,00
Filling of 1 channel with temporary (medical) filling mass of 400,00
Filling of 1 channel with a constant filling mass of from 800,00
Professional hygiene (US-cleaning; зняття зубних відкладень Air-flow;removal of dental plaque with brushes, paste; 2400,00
Whitening (1st session, Magic Smile) 3000,00
Filling from photopolymeric material 1st degree of complexity (work and anesthesia) 1000,00
Tooth restoration 1st degree of complexity 1600,00
Canal treatment (1 canal) 4000,00
Service name Cost
Prosthetics specialist’s consultation 350 hrn
Metal bracket-system Roth mini USA 15 000 hrn
Bracket-system Damon 3 МХ (self-aligning) 22 000 hrn
Bracket-system Damon Q (self-aligning) USA 1st degree of complexity 16 500 hrn
Bracket-system Damon Clear (self-aligning) USA 1st degree of complexity 19 500 hrn
Occlusion pathology treatment with the help of Insignia brackets (USA) 49 500 hrn
Occlusion pathology treatment with the help of lingual brackets Incognito 3М (Germany) 1st degree of complexity 100 000 hrn
Diagnostics (individual treatment plan making, diagnostic model calculation, X-Ray snapshots, photometry) 2 000 hrn
Sport mouthguard 6 500 hrn
Mouthguard for brooksism treatment 4 500 hrn
Service name Cost
Orthopedist’s consultation 350 hrn
Metal-ceramic crown 6 100 hrn
Metal-ceramic crown on an implant 7 100 hrn
Ceramic crown Cercon Ceram 10 100 hrn
Ceramic crown Cercon Ceram on an implant 11 100 hrn
Ceramic veneer E-max 13 000 hrn
Temporary plastic crown 1 800 hrn
Partial removable plastic prosthesis 6 000 hrn
Full removable plastic prosthesis 7000 hrn
Nylon prosthesis 8 500 hrn
Dental prosthesis 7 000-13 500 hrn
Service name Cost
Surgeon’s consultation (CMS) 750 hrn
Surgeon’s consultation (DMS, professor) 950 hrn
Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift) from 7400,00
Service name Cost
Candidate of Medical Sciences’ consultation (CMS) periodontist 750 hrn
Periodontal treatment with Vector machine 4 700 hrn
Gingivoplasty: surgical correction of the gingiva margin 5 000 – 15 000 hrn
Vestibuloplasty 2 650 – 11 200 hrn
Plastics of frenulum and cords of the oral cavity 3 200 – 12 500 hrn
Treatment of stomatitis and mucous membrane diseases (conservative) 1 300 hrn
Service name Cost
Milk tooth extraction 680 hrn
Tooth extraction 780 – 3 000 hrn
Surgical intervention with the extraction of atypical teeth 3 000 – 4 000 hrn
Surgical intervention with the extraction of atypical impacted teeth 4 000 – 6 000 hrn
Service name Cost
Consultation of child’s dentist 350 hrn
Endodontic treatment of a milk tooth 891 hrn
Professional hygiene (mixed occlusion ) 750 hrn
Professional hygiene (milk occlusion) 540 hrn
Milk tooth restoration with phopolymeric material 1st degree of complexity 650 hrn
Permanent tooth restoration with phopolymeric material 1st degree of complexity 850 hrn
Glass-ionomer cement filling in a milk tooth (1 tooth)  1st degree of complexity 740 hrn
Composite filling in a milk tooth (1 tooth)  1st degree of complexity 800 hrn
Service name Cost
Analysis and interpretation of images 1500,00
Two-jaw functional apparatus 9400,00
Partial metal bracket system (1 jaw) 6400,00
Aesthetic bracket system (1 jaw) 9700,00
Service name Cost
Reception homeopath 1 hour
The cost of the drug is included in the account
Service name Cost
Professional cleaning
Periodontitis treatment
Service name Cost
Ceramic veneer 13000 uah
Ceramic tab 12000 uah
Luminir 13200 uah

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