Normally, the neck and root of the tooth are tightly closed with a gum, which, in turn, has a light pink color and thick structure. The gum recession occurs when its volume decreases, it becomes soft, the neck of the tooth and even the root itself becomes bare at the same time. The risk of root decay increases, and hypersensitivity worries, but even these are not the most dangerous consequences: as a result of the progression of recession, resorption begins or, in simple words, bone around the tooth root disappears. The primary task of the doctor is to determine the cause of this pathology and correct gum level.


The causes of gum recession are often excessive brushing, age-related changes in tissues, inflammation (gingivitis, periodontitis), bite defects, deformed crowns and fillings, and cervical caries.

The gum recession may have a different character – it can occupy an area around one unit of the dentition or to cover the entire dental raw. With a mild recession, the gum drops no more than 3 mm, and with a severe form – 5 mm.

Mucogingival surgery is a branch of dental surgery aimed at correcting gum recession. Such operations have specific indications, namely:

  • Root exposure and risk of losing a tooth
  • Bone resorption
  • Aesthetic imperfections
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Difficult cleaning

The specificity of the surgical procedure is to restore the contour of the gums. The task of the surgeon is to close the root of the tooth. For this purpose, various techniques are used, for example, the movement of a gingival flap taken from the mucous membrane of the hard palate or nearby areas that have not undergone pathological processes.

After the surgery, you cannot brush your teeth and use dental floss in the operated area until the sutures are removed and the wound is healed. For hygiene, chlorhexidine solution is used. The doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics and, if necessary, pain medication.

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