Osteopathy is a field of medicine in which drug-free methods are used to restore the structural balance of the musculoskeletal system. The main and only instrument of the doctor is his hands. By acting on the muscles and skeletal system, the specialist corrects the imbalance. There is a close relationship between the musculoskeletal and dentofacial systems, so the use of osteopathic techniques in dental practice fully justifies itself.

How does body asymmetry affect bite

The blocks, clamps and deformations observed in muscles and joints, initially affect the hip joint, and then the spinal column is distorted. The next stage is the rotation of the lower jaw, and after it the upper jaw. The facial bones are displaced, but all these processes have a special effect on the teeth. The load inevitably falls on them, and its improper distribution leads to damage to the enamel, the development of periodontitis and problems with bite. The result obtained after using braces will be simply reduced to zero in a couple of years.

The influence of bite on the body

The reverse process is not excluded: improper dental treatment is fraught with significant changes in the body. It is enough to change the height of the sixth molars, and the axis of the lower jaw will shift, and after it the cervical vertebrae and the spine itself. Failure of the internal organs, pain in the muscles, head and back – a chain reaction will not take long. That is why before installing braces it is necessary to consult an osteopath. This is especially true for adolescents, because the active formation of the skeleton, the growth and change of teeth for permanent ones require attention and constant monitoring by a specialist.

Bruxism treatment

Some people in a dream grit their teeth and clench their jaws. All this is a manifestation of bruxism. If you do not solve this problem, the enamel will collapse very quickly, and the muscles, neck and head will periodically hurt. There are psychological discomfort in the form of irritability and chronic fatigue. The causes of bruxism are unknown. Stress, neurosis, constant stress, birth trauma – some of them. Osteopaths relieve the patient from bruxism in several sessions. Sometimes it is enough to relieve muscle tension and gnashing at night to stop.

In the Clinic of Dental Surgery, Professor Vesovoy are receiving experienced osteopaths. A visit to the doctor is recommended before any dental procedure, whether it be the usual filling of teeth, not to mention the complicated maxillofacial operations and prosthetics.

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