In their daily practice maxillofacial surgeons deal with various diseases of the jaws. There is even a special classification, according to which the location, symptoms and underlying causes of a particular disease are recorded. There are several groups of diseases of the jaw:

  • Inflammations
  • Cysts
  • Neoplasm

The source of the problem is usually bad teeth. Heredity, injuries, chronic ENT diseases are also taken into account. Methods of prevention are hygiene, timely dental treatment, calcium intake, vitamins and the absence of bad habits. Prophylactic examinations at the dentist are required.

The leaders among all inflammatory diseases are periodontitis, periostitis and osteomyelitis. Pathology are provoked by bacterial infection, trauma, birth defects and other causes. These diseases are dangerous for their terrible complications, for example, sepsis, phlebitis, pericarditis. The treatment is complex and rather complicated. Antibiotics, drugs that strengthen the immune system are used, and if phlegmon develops, a surgical operation is performed.

The cyst of the jaw should be understood as a cavity filled with fluid. Cysts are odontogenic in nature (follicular, radicular, residual, paradental, epidermoid) and nonodontogenic, i.e. not related to teeth.

Surgical treatment of cysts, i.e. cystectomy is performed (complete removal) or cystotomy (partial removal, reduction of a cyst). Cysts are also dangerous with suppurations with the subsequent formation of phlegmon, sepsis, etc.

Jaw tumors appear directly in the bone tissue or are localized in the odontogenic structure. The causes of the appearance of tumors are various. It may also be an untreated caries, as well as associated disease, in particular, antritis, sinusitis and others. Treatment of tumors also lays in performing surgery and subsequent drug therapy.

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