Education: Vinnytsia NMU named after M.I. Pirogov

Specialization: Сhildren and adult orthodontic treatment using removable and non-removable devices

  • Modern diagnostics with digital system Dolphin, GammaDental and planning of orthodontic treatment: analysis and calculation of control and diagnostic models, teleradiography, photo diagnostics, CT scan;
  • Сhildren’s correction of bite using removable instruments, plates, activators, treatment with pair blocks, functional devices;
  • Correction of bite with braces using metal, ceramic, sapphire and individual Insignia braces systems;
  • Orthodontic treatment without braces: transparent Invisalign aligners.

Educational courses and specializations:

  • “Posturography and occlusion. New diagnostic conception “, Oscar Medina, 2011
  • “Aesthetics with and without compromises”, Orthodontic centre Orthocon, A. Kust., 2010
  • “X-ray diagnostics in dentist’s practice”, D. Rogatskin, 2011
  • “Modern methods of CT diagnosis and treatment of maxillo-facial area’s pathology”, 2011
  • “Chewing body: condition, diagnosis, rehabilitation”, S. Radlinsky, G. Slavichek, 2012
  • “Difficult cases in orthodontics. Treatment of Class II Pathology “, Doc.Turi Basasarelli, Italy, 2013
  • “Clinical cases and examples of micro-implants usage in orthodontic treatment”, Prof. Hee-Moon Kyung, Korea, 2014
  • “Certification course on microimplants usage in orthodontics” Dr. Hamid Rezai, 2015
  • “Treatment of myo-articular dysfunctions with occlusal splints”, 2016
  • “Insignia Individual Braces Certification Course”, Dr Dmitrii I, 2016
  • “Functional impairment of occlusion”, 2017
  • “Occlusal onlays, elastics and light forces”, 2021
  • “Invisalign certification course” Dr Francesco Garino, Italy 2013; Dr Olga Emelyanova, 2021
  • “Orthodontic treatment of children”, S. Tikhonov, 2021
  • “Orthodontic treatment of patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction: diagnosis treatment”, Dr Hanna Luzhkovskaya, 2021
  • “Mini-implants – skeletal anchorage”, A. Kushch, 2021