Service nameCost
Consultation of a dentist (primary clinical examination without drawing up a treatment plan)350,00
Consultation with a dentist with a treatment plan of800,00
Control preventive inspection270,00
Professional hygiene of all categoriesfrom 520,00
Photopolymer material sealfrom 800,00
Correction of fillings500,00
Mechanical processing of 1 channelfrom 560,00
Temporary filling (JRC, Cavit)300,00
Filling of 1 channel with temporary (medical) filling mass of400,00
Filling of 1 channel with a constant filling mass offrom 800,00
Service nameCost
Consultation pediatric dentistfrom 550,00
Endodontic treatment of baby toothfrom 891,00
Consultation with a dentist with a comprehensive treatment planfrom 540,00
Seal (glass ionomer cement) in baby toothfrom 640,00
Professional hygiene I categoryfrom 540,00
Photopolymer material seal in a baby toothfrom 800,00
Restoration of a baby tooth with a photopolymer materialfrom 550,00
Service nameCost
Baby tooth extraction680,00
Tooth extractionfrom 780,00
Abscess openingfrom 820,00
Frenuloctomy (plastic of the frenulum of the tongue and lips)from 1700,00
Service nameCost
Analysis and interpretation of images1500,00
Two-jaw functional apparatus9400,00
Partial metal bracket system (1 jaw)6400,00
Aesthetic bracket system (1 jaw)9700,00
Service nameCost
Metal-ceramic crown “Standard”3900,00
All-ceramic crown, veneer, tabfrom 6000,00
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant (without the cost of the abutment)7200,00
Partial removable denture6000,00
Clasp prosthesisfrom 5000,00
Service nameCost
Reception homeopath 1 hour
The cost of the drug is included in the account
Implant NOBEL Biocare (Sweden, USA)from 22500,00
Implant Dio (South Korea)from 10000,00
Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift)from 7400,00
Service nameCost
Professional cleaning
Periodontitis treatment