Redness, bleeding, sensitivity and bad breath are all alarming signs of gum disease. According to the statistics, 90% of the inhabitants on the planet face similar problems, and the reason is often trivial and lies in poor hygiene. Professional cleaning should be rule number one in the list of teeth and gums care, while this procedure should be systematically done, namely every six months.

In the Clinic of Dental Surgery Professor Vesova, professional dental cleaning service is provided. Using special devices, the doctor absolutely safely and painlessly removes deposits in the periodontal pockets, plaque, polishes the enamel and covers it with fluoride coating.

Why do you need professional cleaning?

Many people ask the question, for what purpose one needs to see a doctor to brush teeth. In fact, they do not know that even the most expensive toothbrushes and flosses are not able to penetrate into hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity. For example, it is impossible to remove deposits in the periodontal pocket, remove plaque between the teeth and other contaminants on your own. After the doctor evaluate the situation and measures the depth of the periodontal pockets with a special computer probe, the dynamics of treatment and prevention will be built.


To prevent diseases of the teeth and gums, to provide them with a decent appearance, one should undergo a professional tooth brushing procedure every 6 months. Between visits to the dentist, you should follow the recommendations on oral hygiene, which will be given by the experts of the clinic of Professor Vesova.

Devices and mixtures for the professional cleaning of teeth and periodontal

  • Ultrasonic Scaler and Vector Therapy

Ultrasound in dentistry will achieve amazing results as for the cleaning. Each dentist must have an ultrasonic scaler in his or her disposal. This equipment completely relieves the teeth of solid deposits, while not damaging the enamel and without causing discomfort. Another device is called Vector. For many years the model has been improved, and today it is a unique instrument for the qualitative cleansing of periodontal pockets, widely used for the treatment and prevention of gum ailments, in particular, parodontitis.

  • Calcium bicarbonate and Air-Flow device

It has long been known that the directed stream of water and air under pressure qualitatively removes any pollution. The method is used in many fields of medicine including dentistry. For this purpose, the Air-Flow unit was specially designed. Its task is to eliminate plaque in the interdental spaces and subgingival pockets with the help of a directed jet of special aerosol, which contains tiny particles of calcium bicarbonate. Deposits are removed from the enamel surface and the subgingival zone, and the procedure itself is completely harmless and painless.

  • Polishing Paste and Fluoride Varnish

Abrasive paste for professional hygiene is produced by many manufacturers. There are compositions based on perlite – natural volcanic glass, silicon dioxide, which has proven itself in the course of removing stains from tobacco and food, zirconium, silicon, aluminum hydroxide and other components. All these compounds gently polish tooth enamel, including at the finishing stage of cleaning, after which fluoride varnish is applied – a viscous substance containing fluorine. The doctor gently applies Fluoride varnish to the surface of the teeth, avoiding contact with the gums. Enamel becomes stronger, better resists mechanical and temperature effects, sensitivity decreases.

Healthy teeth forever

Diseases of the teeth and gums will not bother for many years if you are attentive to your health and do not postpone the visit to the doctor. Between visits to the dentist, you should follow the recommendations on oral hygiene, which will be given by the experts of the clinic of Professor Vesova.

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